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The iconic photograph of New Zealand racing legend Herbert “Burt” Munro was taken in August, 1971, on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Western Utah, It was Mr. Munro’s tenth and final trip to the holy land of high velocity, where in 1968 he set a land speed record of 183.586 mph astride his highly modified 1920 Indian Scout. Forty years later Anthony Hopkins re-enacted the feat in the film “The world’s fastest Indian.” Hopkins used a stunt double and the stunt bike wasn’t even an Indian, but this is the real
Munro Special and the real, bigger-than-life, stranger-than-fiction Burt Munro. The poster measures 18 by 20 inches. Hang it on the wall of the shed where you sleep on an army cot beside your own beloved vintage motorbike. Sweet dreams will surely result!
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A book both thoughtful and entertaining, Virtue Is Its Own
is the spirited account of author Richard Menzies’ own
life-transformative journey. On a pilgrimage extending from humble
Mormon beginnings in tiny Carbon County, Utah, through the trials
of pre-pubescence and the tribulations of adolescence, on through to
his first encounters with courtship, love, and ‘higher learning’ on the
campus at Brigham Young University, Menzies humorously depicts
his own passage—a portrait of the author as a young man-as he
struggles to come to terms with his own coming-of-age.

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Richard Menzies has logged a quarter million miles on his vintage Volkswagen bus in pursuit of pictures and unusual stories. His favorite destination is Nevada, which encloses more open public land than any other state in the lower forty-eight.

“Nevada’s backcountry is sparsely populated yet surprisingly rich in diversity,” he writes. “Her social fabric is a colorful tapestry of cultures and ethnicities, fringed by eccentrics who simply defy categorization. Think of the Silver State as a haven for those irregular souls who could never be content with a nine-to-five job or a three-bedroom, split-level in suburbia.”

Passing Through is a compilation of the most memorable “misfits” Menzies has encountered in the course of his peripatetic wanderings across the American Outback.

-Richard Menzies